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DYS ARIA F45A 4-in-1 BLHeli 32 Dshot 1200 ESC with 5V / 9V BEC


The DYS ARIA F45A is a 4-in-1 ESC that runs the latest generation Blheli_32 firmware and supports the fastest DShot 1200 protocol. It features 32bit architecture which enables the ESC to run at incredible speeds, resulting in better performance, faster input signals and lower latency compared to older 8bit ESCs. The ESC has 30x30 mounting holes, so it can stack with regular size flight controllers. The ESC comes with a silicone cable for a direct connection with the DYS F4 FC, although it can be used with other flight controllers. 



DYS Aria 70A 3-6S BLHeli 32Bit Dshot1200 OPTO ESC with LED


One rule in the FPV industry is that drones will continue to get faster, stronger, and in turn - more power hungry. While some pilots may scoff at 70A ESCs for their current builds, many pilots are pushing high cell lipos along with high KV motors, which can be highly demanding on your electronics, especially ESCs. 

2035 4 Blade Propeller Set for DYS Shark Mako (2CW & 2CCW) - Orange

2035 4 Blade Propeller Set for DYS Shark Drone (2CW & 2CCW)

These are genuine DYS 2035 4 Blade props for the DYS Shark Mako racing drone. They could also be used for other micro FPV builds running high kV 11XX sized brushless motors.  We have different colour options available and they are sold as a pack of four props, 2x CW and 2x CCW.


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