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What’s New?

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As some of you will know, it’s been a while in the making…

Welcome to the new home of Flying Tech! The original website was set up by Will in 2013 when he started the business – 11 years later and after 5 years in the making (and many evenings and weekends of extra work) we have finally been able to launch our new and improved website!

The original website did well lasting for as long as it did, however it was starting to become rather outdated and limiting in what we could offer customers visiting the site and ordering from us. Over the last few years, we have had to deal with various features breaking, and due to various incompatibilities having major implications from Spring 2024, it just wasn’t an option to keep the original website running any longer. The good news is we’ve finally got the new website up and running for you, even if there are some aspects of it we are still working on. So please bear with us; it is a work in progress! You will see more and more features and improvements over the coming months. 

Please keep reading below to find out more about the exciting features and improvements on the new website! Should you encounter any issues that impact your experience while using the new web store, please reach out to us or comment below. Any feedback will be really helpful for improvements.

Will & Marie 🙂

If you had an account on the old website, we haven’t been able to move across existing accounts so you’ll need to create a new account. Apologies for any inconvenience this causes existing customers.

What's New?

Faster Checkout

  • Guest Checkout – on the old website, we had a lot of grumbles about having to create an account to order and rightly so. It wasn’t possible before, but on the new site we now give customers the option to checkout without signing up!
  • We still recommend creating an account to be able to easily review your order status, history and benefit from our new loyalty scheme (more on that later), and now we’ve streamlined the sign-up process. In a couple of clicks you can create an account and sign in to our store via your Facebook account. If you prefer, you can sign up using your email account too.
  • In the checkout we’ve added an address postcode look up feature, saving you the effort of typing out your own address for the millionth time (UK customers only).
  • Faster payments – We now have ApplePay / Google Pay, along with PayPal which supports Pay in 3.
  • Save for later – changed your mind about ordering a product in your basket, but might want to order it later? Just like on Amazon, hit the save for later button and you can find it saved in a list below your basket. Add it back into your basket with a single click.
  • Delivery charge estimates – delivery charges can be a deal breaker, so we’ve made it easy for you to get a quote, without needing to go through the checkout. On every product page you can access a shipping quote via the shipping tab. You can also see the shipping options for your order via the basket.

Account Features

  • Wishlist – if you create an account with us, you will be able to save products you like to your Wishlist, so you can easily find them again in the future. 
  • Waitlist – if a product is out of stock, you can easily add it your waitlist and be notified by email when it comes back into stock.
  • Pre/Back order – on certain popular products that sell out frequently, you will be able to preorder and have the product dispatched to you as soon as we have restocked it. No need to worry about keeping an eye on it and missing out!
  • VAT Invoices – you can conveniently download VAT invoices for your orders from the ‘My Accounts – Orders’ section of our website.
  • Check out our new loyalty scheme. Work your way through the ranks at Flying Tech and earn yourself points to save money off your next order.

Browsing Improvements

  • A new website means a faster website! It will get even quicker still over the coming weeks as we optimise it further.
  • A search bar that actually works! (How we got by without this working on the old website I do not know). We also plan to develop it further to make it even smarter and faster.
  • Easier navigation and more specific categories to explore. With the old site, products were easily lost within mega categories. Now we have products nicely ordered into relevant categories.
  • Product filters – narrow down your search, filtering by attributes such as voltage requirements, current ratings, colour choices and sizes etc.
  • Comparison List – we have a lot of products to choose from, so sometimes it’s helpful to compare. With a couple of clicks, easily compare similar products in a table that highlights differences and focuses on product features.
  • Our new site looks and works great on any device, so you can browse it easily on a desktop, phone or tablet.
  • Currency switcher – browse our entire catalogue in your preferred currency, GBP, USD or EUR. Please note all payments at checkout will be processed in GBP.

Other cool things

  • Promotions galore! You may have noticed on the old website, we didn’t do many promotions. In short we couldn’t, there wasn’t a coupon code system. Of course we had to fix that. So here’s the first code, use LIFTOFF for free shipping in the UK over £20. We will also be offering discounts for frequently bought together items, product bundles and quantity price discount tables!
  • The new website has allowed us to expand our shipping options to give you better value. We now have a cheaper rate for small items (£2.90, previously £3.30). Great when you just need that extra connector.
  • New resources – Flying Tech isn’t just a store to sell stuff. We want to help drone users enjoy the hobby. That’s why we are developing a resource section where you will find tutorials and useful information. So far we have created a dedicated page for useful software download links, a glossary to help decode those confusing acronyms that awash the hobby (we have more to add) and an important page outlining information about about restricted airspaceAlso on the product pages, you will find some have an advice tab, where we aim to help you make a more informed purchase. We’re on the lookout for expert content creators to develop our resource section and advice tabs further. If that’s you, please get in touch.
  • New tools – we have also started to put together a series of handy calculators. These will assist you in things like estimating the flight time of your setup, to working out what power supply you’ll need to charge your batteries.
  • The fun factor. Last, but not least, Will’s favourite new addition – a confetti celebration with every order placed!

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