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    Amass Nylon XT30-U Male & Female RC Power Connectors

    £0.70£1.20 Inc. VAT
    XT30 is the new connector on the block and it is perfect for Mini RC use!

    Amass XT60H XT60+ RC Power Connector with Sheath Housing

    £1.00£1.80 Inc. VAT
    The XT60-H has a snap on insulating end cap which provides extra grip and heat-shrink free installation.

    Amass T Plug Deans Connector with Sheath Male / Female

    £0.70£1.30 Inc. VAT
    This is an improved version of the Deans / T Plug connector - now with clip-on insulating sheath.

    Amass Nylon MT60 3 Pole Motor / ESC 3.5mm Connector

    £1.20£1.99 Inc. VAT
    The MT60 3 Pole Connector is the perfect solution for joining brushless motors with ESCs.

    JWT 2 Pin Pre-wired Jumper Cable 60mm

    £0.85 Inc. VAT
    This 2 pin JWT pigtail cable can be used as a power wire for 'header pin' connections.

    4MM Banana Plug / Charge Plug – Pair

    £3.30 Inc. VAT
    You can used these 4mm banana plugs to make your own custom charge lead.

    3.5mm Gold Bullet Connector Banana Plug for ESCs

    £0.30£0.50 Inc. VAT
    Also known as banana plugs, these connectors are commonly used for ESCs and power connections.

    Amass AS150 7mm Gold Bullet Anti Spark Connector

    £1.90£7.85 Inc. VAT
    The Amass AS150 is our choice connector for high power applications.

    Female 5.5mm DC Barrel Plug Power Connector with Lead

    £1.50 Inc. VAT
    A 5.5mm DC barrel plug connector and lead.

    Amass XT90-S Anti-Spark Male & Female Power Connectors

    £1.50£5.20 Inc. VAT
    XT90S takes the XT90 connector and integrates an anti-spark system to prevent sparking when it is mated.

    Male & Female JST Connectors

    £1.60£3.20 Inc. VAT
    The JST connector is often used for peripheral devices such as lights and FPV systems.

    JST Male & Female Wired Connectors

    £0.70 Inc. VAT
    This JST pigtail wire uses silicone wire so it's super flexible.