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    Matek 1G3 VRX V2 Long Range 1.2GHz – 1.3GHz Video Receiver

    £57.90 Inc. VAT
    Long range FPV receiver compatible with Fat Shark module bay.

    Analogue Fat Shark Receiver Module Adapter V3 for DJI Digital FPV Goggles

    £16.90 Inc. VAT
    Add an analogue receiver to you DJI goggles with this nifty adaptor.

    Skyzone Long Range 1.2GHz – 1.3GHz Diversity Video Receiver

    £69.90 Inc. VAT
    A wide band diversity receiver module operating on 1.2GHz -1.3GHz.    

    Skyzone SteadyView X 5.8GHz GroundStation FPV Rx Module

    £124.90 Inc. VAT
    The SteadyView X makes it easy to create your own FPV VRX ground station.

    RD945 48 Channel 5.8Ghz RaceBand FPV Receiver

    £44.90 Inc. VAT
    With a diversity receiver you essentially get the receiving power of two receivers combined.

    SpeedyBee 5.8GHz Goggles Receiver / Antenna Combo

    £89.99£109.90 Inc. VAT
    SpeedyBee have worked their magic again with this affordable analog FPV receiver module.

    Skyzone SteadyView / RapidMix Receiver Module for SKY04X

    £79.90£87.90 Inc. VAT
    Upgrade module for SKY04X, can also be used to add “quad-versity”. Pick between standard and ELRS backpack versions.

    Hawkeye Four Eyes Split Screen Racing Drone 5.8G FPV Receiver

    £189.50 Inc. VAT
    This is Rx is actually four receivers in one. It has a split screen mode so that you can broadcast your own FPV race events!

    Skyzone Receiver Bay Mount Fat Shark Style Module Adapter

    £19.90 Inc. VAT
    A Fat Shark Style receiver bay - now you can use your VRX module of choice to create your own ground station.

    Skyzone RC832-HD 48CH 5.8Ghz FPV Video Receiver with HDMI

    £37.90 Inc. VAT
    The RC832-HD is an analogue FPV receiver with a HDMI output.

    TBS Fusion Spare Module Cover

    £7.50 Inc. VAT
    A replacement module cover for the TBS Fusion.

    TBS Fusion – Hardware Upgrade

    £14.90 Inc. VAT
    Upgrade board for TBS Fusion 1st Edition.