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    Team Blacksheep TBS Crossfire Nano RX (SE)

    £31.90 Inc. VAT
    The Crossfire Nano RX (SE) - is the same as the Nano RX but with the upgraded Immortal-T antenna.

    TBS Tango 2 / Pro Radio Control with TBS Crossfire System

    £164.90£199.90 Inc. VAT
    The Tango radio is a compact gamepad style controller with the TBS Crossfire System built in.

    TBS Crossfire Immortal T V2 Antenna

    £6.90 Inc. VAT
    The Immortal T antenna is designed to maximise reception and survive prop strikes!

    TBS Crossfire Nano Tx

    £64.90 Inc. VAT
    The Crossfire Nano TX has the same RF internals as the Micro TX V2, but suits radios with a "Lite / Nano" interface.

    Team Blacksheep TBS Crossfire Micro Tx V2 250mW Transmitter

    £64.90 Inc. VAT
    The Crossfire Micro TX suits radios with a "JR" style module bay.

    TBS Crossfire Nano Rx Pro – FPV Long Range Drone Receiver

    £35.99 Inc. VAT
    The Nano RX Pro boasts a higher telemetry output power over standard Rx so you can fly further.

    Team Blacksheep TBS Crossfire 8/12CH Long Range Diversity Rx

    £124.90 Inc. VAT
    Top of the range TBS Crossfire Receiver for unbeatable range and with lost model beacon mode.