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Strobon - Strobe Light Controller

Strobon SE V2 - Strobe Light Controller


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Flytron multicopter lighting accessories

Strobon SE drives any Power LED with 1000mA for 40ms (2 x 20ms pulses) on every second and this generates very bright flashes with very low power consumption (50mAh).

Strobon SE v2 is completely same circuit design with our revolutionary STROBON v2 Navigation Strobes excluding the LED and size. It is a more flexible design than other LED embedded Strobon models. You can choose any Power LED(1W) and install only the LED body outside of your flying platform. It works with any Power LED(3W) and it also drives more than one Power LED (the colours must be the same for same forward voltage).

Now, it's configurable for 5 different patterns!

  • Strobe (Legendary Strobon v1 strobe effect. 3 fast flashes like xenon wing tip flashlights)
  • Blink (Simulates belly or tail lights. Continuous ON/OFF)
  • Heartbeat (standard beacon light pattern, ramp up/ramp down/off)
  • Rotating Beacon (perfect simulation of rolling beacons. ramp up/flash/ramp down/off)
  • Static (you can use it as landing headlights or static wing-tip lights)

It allows 2 different working modes, RC mode or Standalone.

  • Power it with directly from battery (4-6v) it works on Standalone mode and strobes continuously.
  • Plug it on your RC receiver’s any channel for RC mode, then you can On/Off  it over servo channel.




All you need a piece of wire or a tweezer to change the pattern. Connect two small pads of the Strobon SE v2 board while it's working (it will not change the pattern when it's OFF) It will stop working when you connect these pins and jump to next pattern when you release the connection. That's all.

Frequently Question: How many LEDs can it drives?
Answer: There is no limit. The light intensity drops depend led count. Our suggestion is maximum 3-5 units 3W Power LEDs gives acceptable light intensity. 

  • Supply Voltage: 3.5 - 6 volt
  • Current Consumption per hour @5V
    • Strobe: average 60mA (1A in event of the flash)
    • Blink: 70mA (150ma ON)
    • Heartbeat: 120mA
    • Rolling Beacon: average  170mA (1A in event of the flash)
    • Static: 140mA
  • 24.3mm X 9.2mm X 2mm
  • Weight: 0.3 gram without wires
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to +105 °C


  • 1x Strobon SE V2 - Strobe Light Controller

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By admin on

Good question. There is no limit, however the light intensity is dependent on the LED count - the more LEDs, the dimmer they become. To achieve an acceptable light intensity our suggestion is maximum of three to five 1W Power LEDs.

By Michele (not verified) on

I would like to know the date of the new availability

thank you

By admin on

Within the next 2 weeks, thank you. 

By Chas (not verified) on


Can it operate in different modes? i.e. ratating beacon mode?


By admin on


It only offers a strobe mode. The Strobon V2s support several other modes including rotating beacon.


By d (not verified) on


Is this board powerful enough to drive 2x Strobon Cree LEDs in parallel?



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How to light your multirotor: Lighting is obviously a necessity for nighttime flying, however it's also really helpful when flying in daylight. Unlike helicopters, multicopters typically lack defining features to help with orientation; lighting is therefore a great solution. It makes most sense to employ a navigational lighting setup - Red on the Port (left) side, Green on the Starboard (right) side and a white strobe astern. When it comes to selecting your lights there are lots of options: LEDs, HPLEDs (High power LEDs), Stripe lights and Strobes. Regular LEDs are inexpensive and come in an array of colours. While they consume little power, LEDs are best suited to nighttime applications as they are usually too dim to be seen in bright daylight. Alternatively the next generation of LEDS, HPLEDs are much brighter. They can be driven by much greater currents meaning that some can emit over 1000 lumens. At night they can be seen for miles but more importantly they are visible in bright daylight. Since overheating is destructive, HPLEDs must be mounted on a heat sink to allow for heat dissipation. Both regular and HP LEDs are easy to wire up - however note that LEDs will only light up with correct electrical polarity and that they have a maximum current rating which must not be exceeded. To limit the amount of current through an LED a suitable resistor should be used. Strips lights are fun when it comes to night flights and are fantastic for orientation purposes. Some can be powered/controlled with an LED RGB Driver to cycle between different modes and colours. LEDs of all types can be turned into a strobe by using asuitable controller, strobes have the added bonus of low power consumption. The key to all lighting installations is to think about voltage and current requirements, a voltage regulator/UBEC will usually be necessary to help meet this requirements. Finally it is advisable to power lights from a separate battery to your flight battery.

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