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Rope Wire Vibration Isolator

Tarot Combined Rubber & Wire Anti Vibration Dampener

This premium anti vibration dampener can be used to isolate sensitive payloads such as a camera from sources of high frequency vibration. It utilises a combined rope wire and rubber damper that provides excellent vibration isolation. Each dampener has a rated payload of 250-300g.  

Tarot Gimbal Anti Vibration Damping Ball with Tail

Excessive vibration can cause all manner of problems with regards to flight performance and imaging. The best solution is to eliminate the sources of vibration, but when that's not possible another method is to isolate sensitive electronics from vibration. These high quality vibration damping balls are designed to do just that. They are made from a soft rubber and the inner cavity of the ball is filled with dampening fluid, which utilises the viscous damping characteristics of the liquid so that shock energy is effectively dissipated. They are available in two sizes, please select as required.

Tarot XS690 Long Endurance CF Foldable Quadcopter Frame

Features: Strong, lightweight carbon fibre construction Foldable for easy transport 10mm payload mounting rail Comes with electronic retractable landing gear Includes canopy Recommended Parts: Propeller: Carbon Fiber 14-17 inch Propellers (TL2840) Brushless Motor: 4006 Brushless motor (TL2954) Battery: 10-15C, 14.8V-22.2V, 4000-5000MHa Brushless ESC: 30A-40A


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