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Tarot 2212 920KV 3-4S Brushless Motor & Prop - TL9014-02/03


This brushless motor is a good match for multirotor frames like the DJI Flame Wheel F450 quadcopter, or F550 hexacopter. It is compatible with 3S to 4S voltage and has a max current draw 17A. The motor is available as CW or CCW rotation and includes a matching self-locking 9inch prop.


Tarot 650 Sport Carbon Fibre Foldable Quadcopter Frame

The 650 Sport is Tarot's classic quadcopter frame. It has a 600mm wheelbase, features folding arms, a motorised landing gear and compatible with a propeller up to 15inch in size. The Tarot 650 Sport has a lot in common with the bigger Tarot 680 Pro (six-arm model) using similar materials and design elements for its construction. Pure 3K carbon fibre is used throughout the frame and like the 680 Pro there is an integrated PCB on the top frame plate. The PCB top plate makes for a neater build as it allows you to solder the ESC directly into the frame, which saves messy cabling. A really nice feature of this frame is electronic folding landing gear. The gear can be retracted in flight so you will not see the legs in your video if you're using 360-degree gimbal. It also makes the frame much more portable as it can be folded flat for transport. Talking of portability, the arms on this frame can also be folded to compact the frame further. When it comes to flying the frame, they can be unfolded and locked into position in literally 30 seconds and without tools. This frame has plenty of space to install flight electronics and there's plenty of room beneath the frame for carrying a payload. The frame is ideally suited to lift a GoPro / Brushless Gimbal or even a small mirrorless SLR camera. The frame includes a 10mm load mounting rail that carries a moveable battery mounting plate - this can be positioned along the rail to help you balance the drone for the best C.O.G when a payload is attached. This frame is appropriate for hobbyists and professionals alike. It's ideal for applications ranging from surveillance, remote sensing, mapping and of course aerial photography. In terms of electronics we recommend a 4S-6S setup and 12-15inch propellers. We sell a full range of spare parts for the frame and upgrade parts too. To complete the look of the frame, why not add the compatible Canopy.


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