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Holybro PX4 Vision Quadcopter Development Kit

Holybro PX4 Vision Quadcopter Development Kit

The kit contains a near ready to fly carbon fibre quadcopter equipped with a Pixhawk 4 flight controller, UP Core companion computer (4GB memory & 64GB eMMC), and Occipital Structure Core depth camera sensor. The vehicle comes with software for PX4 Obstacle Avoidance and Collision. Note: This vehicle comes with no software preinstalled. There is a pre-imaged USB stick that has a reference implementation of the PX4/Avoidance local planner software provided by Auterion. This is a basic software used only as a reference to show the basic function the PX4 vision can do. Developers can use the kit to try out other features provided by the PX4 Avoidance project, modify the existing code, or experiment with completely new computer vision-based functionality. Please read following PX4 Guide for detail information about this Development Kit - HERE What Else Do You Need: The kit contains all the essential drone hardware except a battery and a radio control system, which must be purchased separately: Battery: 4S LiPo with XT60 female connector Less than 115mm long (to fit between power connector and GPS mast) Radio control system Any PX4-compatible RC System can be used. An FrSky Taranis transmitter with R-XSR receiver is one of the more popular setups. An H2.0 Hex Key (to unscrew the top plate so that an RC receiver can be connected) In addition, users will need ground station hardware/software: Laptop or tablet running QGroundControl (QGC). Important Information: The kit is intended for computer vision projects that use a forward-facing camera (it does not have downward or rear-facing depth cameras). Consequently it can’t be used (without modification) for testing Safe Landing, or other features that require a downward-facing camera. Obstacle avoidance in missions can only be tested when GPS is available (missions use GPS co-ordinates). Collision prevention can be tested in position mode provided there is a good position lock from either GPS or optical flow. The port labeled USB1 may jam the GPS if used with a USB3 peripheral (disable GPS-dependent functionality including missions). This is why the boot image is supplied on a USB2.0 memory stick. The UP Core should only be powered using the battery (do not remove the UP Core power socket safety cover).
Holybro H-RTK F9P Multi-Band Rover lite GPS with Folding Mount

Holybro H-RTK F9P High-Precision GPS Compass Module


H-RTK F9P is Holybro's top of the range high-precision GNSS positioning system. It uses a UBLOX F9P module, a IST8310 compass and a tri-coloured LED indicator. It also has an integrated safety switch for a simple and convenient operation. This system provides multi-band RTK with fast convergence times and reliable performance, concurrent reception of GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou, and fast update rate for highly dynamic and high volume applications with centimeter-accuracy.

Holybro H-RTK M8P Rover lite with Folding Mount

Holybro H-RTK M8P High-Precision GPS Compass Module


H-RTK M8P is a differential high-precision GNSS positioning system from Holybro. It uses a UBLOX M8P module, a IST8310 compass and a tri-coloured LED indicator. It also has an integrated safety switch for a simple and convenient operation.

There are three models of the H-RTK M8P to choose from, each with different antenna design to suit different applications:

H-RTK M8P Rover lite

Holybro Pix32 v5 Pixhawk 4 FC Autopilot with Carrier Board, M8N GPS and PM02 Power Module

Holybro Pix32 v5 Pixhawk 4 FC Autopilot


The Pix32 v5 is a new flight controller developed by Holybro based of the FMUv5 scheme, which can be regarded as a variant version of ‘Pixhawk4’.

The Pix32 v5 is comprised of a separate flight controller and carrier board which are connected by a 100pin connector. It is designed for those pilots who need a high power, flexible and customisable flight control system.

Holybro Pix32 V5 Base Board / Carrier Board - (RC02)

Holybro Pix32 V5 Base Board / Carrier Board


Holybro's official carrier boards for the Pix32 V5 flight controller. These connect to the FC via a 100pin connector and provides a range of connections via JST-GH sockets and a bank of 3P header pins.

Two Options:

  • RC02 (Full Size)
  • RC01 (Mini Size)

3D Print Mounts:


Holybro Spare Cable Set for PIX32 V5 Flight Controller


This is the full cable set for the PIX32 V5 Pixhawk Flight Controller. The PIX32 V5 has JST-GH sockets for connecting its accessories.


  • 1x I2C splitter Board
  • 3x 6 to 6 pin cable (power&Telem)
  • 3x 4 to 4 pin cable (CAN&I2C)
  • 1x 8 to 8 pin cable (CAP)
  • 1x 7 to 7 pin cable(SPI)
  • 1x DSMX receiver cable
  • 1x PPM/SBUS out cable
  • 1x Debug cable
  • 1x USB (Type-c)
Holybro Kopis Mini FPV Drone Frame Kit - DJI FPV / CADDX Version

Holybro Kopis Mini Carbon Fibre 3" Racing Drone Frame Kit

Spare replacement frame kit for the Holybro Kopis Mini Drone. You can also use it to build up your own custom 3inch quadcopter! The frame is constructed from carbon fibre and includes 3D printed parts. We sell two version of the frame, the DJI Version and Analog VTX Version. The DJI version is designed to fit the DJI Air Unit / Caddx Vista System and the Analog version which is designed to fit micro size FPV cameras (19mm) and a regular VTX. Recommend Parts (Not Included) Flight Controller: Kakute F7 HDV (DJI) / Kakute F7 V1.5 (Analog) ESC: Tekko32 F3 4in1 45A mini ESC VTx: DJI FPV Air Unit (DJI) / Holybro Atlatl HV V2 (Analog) Motor: F1507 KV3800 Propeller: T3140 Battery plug: XT30 3D Prints Kopis mini-3D_Print.rar GoPro_HERO5_TPU_3D_Print.stl DJI Version: Analog Version:


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