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RunCam Flashback Cable for Scope Cam 2 4K

This is a 'pre-record' cable for the Scope Cam 2 4K camera. Use this cable for Flashback Mode, which allows you to capture video 5-15 (varies based on recording resolution) seconds before actually pressing the record button. This will ensure that you do not miss any of the action. Capture everything that happens even before you press the record button. Compatible with: RunCam Scope Cam 2 4K Camera

TBS Sky Kable - FPV Goggle Power Cable

Take that annoying FPV Goggles battery off your head and keep it somewhere more comfortable with this power extension cable. Finally, a way to turn off your headset using a switch! Here's a new staple for any set of goggles. It's called the Sky Kable. Just press the button for 3 seconds to turn it on, and 3 seconds to turn it off. Now you have the freedom to put the battery anywhere else but the side of your head, like in your pocket! If you have an extra lipo laying around this cord will allow up to 6S input voltage to have appropriate voltage for your goggles and your fan to run, also if u just want to run with the barrel this allows you to do so!! All with the TBS peace of mind!!!


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