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Multirotor Kyosho Z8006 Zeal Vibration Absorption Mounting Gel

Kyosho Z8006 Zeal Vibration Absorption Mounting Gel

Vibration dampening is critical for multirotor flight performance and also for jello free video. If you are in the market for vibration control, then you probably already know about this stuff; if you don't, you will soon discover that Kyosho Zeal mounting gel is considered by most to be the best anti-vibration product available to buy. The problem is, in Europe at least it's very hard to come by. Kyosho Z8006 Zeal vibration absorption gel is excellent at vibration reduction and has a very good adhesive quality, which lasts well and can be restored to full strength if it gets dirty by simply washing it with water. It comes in a sheet measuring 145mm by 45mm and can be cut to size using a sharp Stanley knife. Bizarrely it's sticky wherever you cut it, so if you cut a cube out of it, you will have a cube that is very sticky on all 6 sides. It's suited to many applications from securing and damping vibrations to your flight controller, through to reducing the 'jello effect' suffered by CMOS cameras such as the GoPro. More recently, we've seen racing drone pilots using it as an anti-slip pad for mounting batteries. There are plenty of forum posts praising this product, a good place to start is the APM Wiki on vibration damping and isolation - they regard the Zeal gel as 'probably the single best solution' to vibration control.
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