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Jumper T14 CNC Hall ELRS Radio Transmitter (2.4GHz)


The T14 is Jumper's answer to the RM Boxer and TBS Mambo radios. Similar in appearance to the aforementioned radios, but with some unique features of its own and cheaper too. One of the advantages of the T14 is its integrated memory. This replaces a conventional SD card, greatly increasing the reliability of the radio. Another selling point of the T14 is its large 2.42inch display. Furthermore, its of the OLED type which provides better clarify than Monochrome LCD displays. It is also really bright, helping it to be easily readable even outdoors in the sun.


Jumper T20 Gemini ELRS 2.4GHz Radio Controller


The Jumper T20 Gemini Radio Controller, is largely the same as the Jumper T20S radio, using the same design and uprated RDC90 gimbals, but with a more advanced internal ELRS module in comparison to the T20/T20S. The T20 Gemini utilises a dual frequency transmitter module which supports ELRS Gemini.


Jumper AION 915MHz Nano ELRS ExpressLRS Receiver


Here is have a nano size ExpressLRS receiver running on 915/868MHz. In comparison to a 2.4G ELRS receiver, 915MHz will achieve even greater range and has better signal penetration through trees, walls and other obstructions.

Please note this receiver won't bind with a 2.4GHz ELRS transmitter, it must be a 915MHz/868MHz radio. For Jumper's 2.4G ELRX Nano receiver please see here.


Jumper T20 / T20S Transmitter Hall Gimbal (ELRS 2.4GHz)


The difference between T20 and T20S is the gimbal. The Jumper T20 comes with the hall sensor gimbals, while the T20S comes with the upgrade RDC90 gimbal which uses the premium ALPS RDC90 sensors.

The Jumper T-20/S radio is distinctive in that it has a novel form factor. Jumper have designed this radio to be as compact as possible, while retaining all of the features you would expect to find in a full size radio like a TX16S, such as full size gimbals; possibly giving you the best of both worlds. What's more, The T20 is offered at an incredible price point.


Jumper T20 JP4IN1 Micro Multi-Protocol Radio Module


This multiprotocol module incorporates four RF chips into one transmitter module and supports pretty much all of the communication protocols used in the RC hobby. With it you can control everything from a single radio; from toy grade Syma models to FrSky racing drones or Spektrum BNF aircraft. A full list of compatible protocols can be found in the Jumper JP4IN1 Manual.



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