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Seriously Pro SP Racing F3 NEO Drone Flight Controller & PDB

Seriously Pro SP Racing F3 NEO Drone Flight Controller & PDB

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SeriouslyPro Flight Controllers
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This is the F3 Neo Flight Control Power Distribution Board (FC/PDB), which forms part of the Seriously Pro Neo Stack (FC/PDB + OSD/VTX).

The Seriously Pro Racing F3 NEO Stack comprises of two parts, a PDB/FC and an OSD/VTX board which stack together to form the core of your racing drone. The stacking design makes for an extremely compact and easy to install solution, with the minimal of solder connections and external cables required. For beginners it simplifies the build, for advanced race pilots it delivers one of the most powerful racing drone flight controllers on the market in a very compact package.

The Seriously Pro Racing F3 NEO board (SPRacingF3NEO) is a full-featured flight control board designed specifically for FPV racing quads. It uses the latest gyro technology and a next generation CPU to deliver unparalleled flight performance, while its integrated PDB and BECs make for a easy install. As a flight controller PDB, it supports every feature you'd need in a racing quads, such as: DShot ESCs, all main RX protocols without inverter, programmable LEDS, current monitoring, telemetry blackbox recording and iLap transponder race timing.

Easy Installation: The SPRacingF3NEO is the easiest system to install yet. Just solder 4 wires per-corner, solder on an XT60 battery connector and you're ready to fly.
Receiver, camera and VTX antenna can be connected via no-solder connectors so you spend less time building and more time flying.

Team-Race-Ready: Race features include race transponder support for lap-timing and a VTX that can be disabled remotely! The VTX can be off-by-default and turned on/off via a spare RC transmitter AUX channel - if your relay-race team pilot crashes they can turn off their VTX so you can fly on the same frequency! The iLap compatible race timing transponder system was used at the World Drone Prix and the Drone Nationals.

The NEO Stack comprises of two boards - each available separately. The NEO FC/PDB can be used on as a FC on its own, without the NEO OSD/VTX add-on board. 

The height of the combined stack is just 15mm high!


£47.50 GBP

Includes FC/PDB only

FC/PDB with Accelerometer & Gyro Sensors; MicroSD card socket, LC Filter, Current Sensor, Receiver cables, sockets and pin headers.


£89.00 GBP

Includes FC/PDB + OSD/VTX

FC/PDB board with Accelerometer & Gyro Sensors; MicroSD card socket, LC Filter, Current Sensor, Receiver cables, sockets and pin headers.

OSD/VTX board with 25/200mW VTX (40 Channels with Raceband) and camera cable.


The SPRacingF3NEO FPV Stack has Flight Controller (FC), Video Transmitter (VTX), On-Screen-Display (OSD) and Power Distribution Board (PDB) features that makes it the board of choice for any new low-profile multi-rotor build.

Jaw-Dropping Flight Performance

The SPRacingF3NEO uses advanced processor, sensor and software technologies to make your aircraft fly like it's on rails.
The SPRacingF3NEO flight-controller and the Cleanflight software enables the precision flying you need for fast FPV racing.

Race Timing Transponder

The SPRacingF3NEO features a race transponder system for recording your lap times. Each board comes with a special transponder code to identify you at race events. Compatible with i-LAP receiver systems.

* IR LED and code available separately

Built-in 5v and 12V BEC Power Supplies

High-current 5V and 12V power supplies for powering your FC, Receiver, LED Strip, VTX and other accessories.

Next-Generation CPU

The SPRacingF3NEO has an ARM Cortex-M4 72Mhz CPU with Math co-processor (FPU) for efficient flight calculations that gets more done in less time.
The latest CPU allows Gyro and Accelerometer sampling many timer faster than previous-generation STM32F1 based boards.


The SPRacingF3NEO features a MicroSD card socket for logging. Supports MicroSD/SDHC up to 32GB - just leave one in and log every flight!


Use the USB socket to configure the flight controller, OSD and also for pass-though configuration and flashing of BlHeli ESCs.

The USB socket is not shared with any of the 5 serial ports.

Telemetry Support

Supports bi-directional and standard transmit-only telemetry systems including SmartPort/S.Port, HoTT, FrSky, Mavlink, IBus and LTM telemetry.

Telemetry enables audible and visible ground-station or receiver based alarms, warnings, information gathering and logging of FC data.

Low Profile

Measuring just 15mm high the NEO FPV stack allows for a low center of gravity and low profile frame which result in a quads with greater agility, control and speed than ever before.

It's no wonder frame designers world-wide are designing new frames to take advantage of the NEO FPV stack. Users of existing frames will find they are able to replace tall frame standoffs for much shorter ones.

Boot Button

The NEO features a boot button to allow easy setting of boot mode for firmware flashing of the device.

The VTX board even has a hole in the top to allow access to the boot button below it.

Broad RC receiver Support

Supports SBus, SumH, SumD, Spektrum1024/2048, XBus/IBus, PPM. No external inverters required (built-in), receiver powered via flight battery or USB for easy configuration.

Dedicated ports for PPM/SBus/SumH/etc for easy connections. Socket for plug and play Spektrum Satellite receiver.

Settings Button

The SPRacingF3NEO OSD/VTX features a button for changing VTX channel, band, RF-power, VTX ON/OFF and more!

Programmable LEDs

Output for multi-colored LED strips - great for FPV racing, line-of-sight flying orientation and night flying.

The SPRacingF3NEO is the first Cleanflight FC that allows you to use the transponder feature and the programmable LEDs at the same time!

Developer Friendly

Developer friendly debugging port (SWD) and boot mode selection, unbrickable bootloader.

DSHOT/OneShot ESC Support *

Full support for OneShot ESCs for easy PID tuning and a sharper response.
* DSHOT support coming soon, the NEO hardware supports DSHOT ESC signal generation.

Battery Monitoring

Built in battery voltage monitoring, built-in current monitoring.

Built-in Power Distribution

The NEO allows direct connection of ESC power cables - no external PDB is required. The power is transferred though a high-quality gold-plated 2oz copper 4-layer PCB with super-wide high-current PCB traces on all 4 layers.

Expansion Port

The always powered expansion port features I2C and 2 serial ports. It's perfect for GPS receivers, external sensors, ESC feedback or an always-on OLED Screen.


Buzzer port for audible warnings and notifications.

Cleanflight Logos

The SPRacingF3Mini features a copper-etched Cleanflight logo so you can show your support!

GPS Ready *

Connect a GPS, Mag and Barometer via the expansion port for GPS Navigation
* Available in Cleanflight soon, New GPS features under active development in iNav.

LC Filter

Provides smoothed power to your FC, OSD and VTX. Isolates noise from your ESCs and motors.


The SPRacingF3NEO is the only team-race-ready system. If your team mate crashes-out on the track they can turn off their VTX remotely so you can fly on the same VTX channel.

Easy Installation

Solder as little as 4 wires per ESC. Use no-solder connections for camera and receiver with telemetry using larger JST-ZH and PicoBlade connectors (cables supplied).

XT60 socket can be soldered directly to the board for direct battery connection.

Current Sensor

Monitor your current draw and capacity used so you know when to land.

Helps extend the life of your batteries

OSD with Customizable Layout

Display VTX channel/band, battery voltage, current draw, capacity used, flight time, callsign, rssi, motors and other OSD elements.

Configure the elements on your OSD to your taste.

SPI Sensor Connection

The new low-noise ICM20602 gyroscope and accelerometer sensor is connected via a fast SPI bus. This enables the software to get more data even quicker to help stabilize your aircraft even better


The SPRacingF3NEO runs Cleanflight which can be configured to suit your needs using a cross-platform GUI (Windows/OSX/Linux).

25/200mW Video Transmitter (VTX)

The NEO OSD/VTX features a 40Channel 25/200mW video transmitter that can be even be turned of from your RC Transmitter!


Seriously Pro SP Racing F3 NEO Drone Flight Controller PDB

SPRacingF3 NEO FPV - Soldering stacking connectors

Race Transponder

The SPRacingF3NEO features a race transponder timing system. As you fly around the track the FC continually transmits your unique code via IR. As your aircraft passes the start/finish timing gate the track-side receiver records your lap-time. *Transponder code and IR-LED available separately.

  • Compatible with iLAP receiver systems, as used by by most racing clubs worldwide.
  • One LED for attaching via flying lead.
  • Reduces your overall cost for a race-ready air-craft.
  • No fiddling around trying to fit transponders in a hurry on race-day. Just turn up at the race and have the race officials scan your transponder and you're ready!
  • Next-generation STM32 F3 processor with hardware floating point unit for efficient flight calculations and faster ARM-Cortex M4 core.
  • Features the latest accelerometer and gyro technology (ICM20602) via SPI connection.
  • MicroSD-Card socket for black box flight log recorder - optimize your tuning and see the results of your setup without guesswork.
  • Built in amperage/current monitoring sensor, 110A.
  • Telemetry support (FrSky, SmartPort/S.PORT, IBus, etc).
  • 5 Serial ports. e.g. Receiver + Telemetry + 3 Spare - None shared with the USB.
  • Built-in LC-Filter for clearer video.
  • Race transponder built in - just turn up at a race and have your lap times recorded.
  • Boot button for easy DFU/USB flashing.
  • Wire up using solder pads for ESC connections and cable or header pins for receiver.
  • 6 PWM output lines for ESCs and Servos. 4 are arranged for easy wiring on each corner of the board.
  • Supports direct connection of SBus, SumH, SumD, Spektrum1024/2048, XBus/IBus receivers. No external inverters required (built-in).
  • Supports direct connection of 3.3v Spektrum Satellite receivers via 3 pin through-hole JST-ZH connector.
  • Supports PPM receivers.
  • Micro USB socket.
  • Dedicated output for programmable LEDs - great for orientation, racing and night flying.
  • Dedicated I2C/UART3/UART5 port for connection of OLED display, GPS receivers, external MAG/BARO without needing flight battery.
  • Voltage monitoring for battery, 12v and 5v supplies.
  • Analog RSSI monitoring.
  • Buzzer port for audible warnings and notifications.
  • Developer friendly debugging port (SWD) unbrickable bootloader.
  • Symmetrical design for a super tidy wiring, just 4 wires per corner to each ESC and you’re done!
  • JST-SH sockets only for I2C/UART3/UART4 and SWD. UART1 available on through-hole stacking pins and broken out on OSD/VTX board.
  • 12 position connector for stacking the OSD/VTX board. (SPI/CS1/CS2/VSYNC/HSYNC/VTX ENABLE/BUTTON),
  • Through-hole solder pads AND solder-less connections for receiver via PicoBlade connector.
  • Through-hole solder pads for Transponder IR LED.
  • Solder pads for RSSI.
  • Solder pads for LED Strip.
  • Solder pads for ESC power. (2 by each corner)
  • Solder pads for ESC signal and ground. (2 by each corner).
  • Solder pads for 2x additional PWM outputs (e.g. for pan / tilt servos).
  • Direct connection for XT60 socket. (Through hole).
  • Flashing via USB or serial port.
  • Standard 30.5mm mounting holes, board fits in most 36x36x mounting spaces.
  • Board is 45x50mm with corner cut-outs to allow frame clearance.
  • LEDs for 3v (Blue), 5v (Green) and 12v (Yellow) supplies.
  • Two status LEDs (Red, White) for easy diagnostics/flight mode indications.

Dimensions / Weight:

  • Full PCB: 45x50mm
  • 30.5mm mounting holes on main section and on transponder section.
  • Weight ~5 grams


  • SPRacing F3 NEO flight controller / PDB
  • NEO to FrSky XSR cable
  • NEO to other receiver cable (dupont/servo style connectors)
  • 6 straight-though header pins.
  • 6 right-angle header pins.
  •  JST-ZH socket for Spektrum Satellite receivers.

NOTE: Stacking VTX/OSD board available separately.

None Available

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