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Product Downloads

Here you will find all product downloads in one place. The downloads relate to firmware upgrades, instructions, tutorials and product images. All downloads are also linked on their respective product pages.

Product Collection Downloads
GPS Antenna Folding Mount - Aluminium
Tarot Peeper Spare Part Arm / Motor Mounts - TL750SD5
Tarot FireFly 450 - Quadcopter Frame
Tarot Shock Absorbing Tube Clamp 10-12mm - 2Pcs TL8X006
Tarot 16mm/10mm Aluminium Landing Skid T Piece TL68B45
Glass Fiber Quadcopter Frame 550mm
Fiberglass Hexacopter Frame 655
Tarot Crab Landing Gear Adapter for DJI F450 - TL2749-02
Tarot Shock Absorbing Tube Clamp 10-12mm - 2Pcs TL8X007
Tarot 16mm 75° Retractable Landing Gear Motor - TL65B45
Tarot 680Pro Replacement Main Boards with Integrated PCB
Motor Mount & CW Bolt-On Prop Adapter M5 (Three Hole)
Tarot 16mm Lightweight Motor Mount TL68B46
Tarot Retractable Landing Gear for Tarot X4 / X6 / X8 - TL8X001
Large Carbon Fibre 4-6s LiPo Battery Mount 18cm x 9cm
Drone Remote Control Payload Release Mechanism
Tarot Coaxial 16mm Anti-vibration Motor Mount
Tarot 25mm Retractable Landing Gear Motor - TL8X003
Tarot Landing Skid Silicon Sleeve Dampers (2pcs)
Tarot Coaxial 16mm Anti-vibration Motor Mount
Landing Gear Leg
Boscam TR1 200mW FPV Camera / Transmitter
Team BlackSheep Unify 2G4 500mW / 800mW 16CH VTX
TBS Unify Pro 5G8 HV RACE SMA Video Transmitter 25-200mW
TBS Powercube FPVision OSD / 25-800mW VTX with PIT Mode
Boscam FR632 Diversity 40CH (RaceBand) 5.8Ghz FPV Receiver
RunCam Micro Sparrow 2 Pro 4:3 700TVL Micro FPV Camera
R2TECK DVL-C Long Range HD FPV Video System with Camera
Mini Digital Video Recorder HM DVR for FPV Racing Drones
Fat Shark Dominator V3 FPV Goggles with HDMI Input