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Electronics & Radio

At the heart of every drone is amass of electronics; the good news is we have everything you need to complete a build. Essentially, all multirotors need a flight controller (FC), motors, speed controllers ESCs (one for each motor) and a radio system. For the brain of your multirotor, the flight controller (FC), we have options including the CC3D, Naze32, Skyline32, SPF3 and also GPS equipped controllers like the Tarot ZYX-M. In respect of the motors and ESCs, we have a complete range of motors to suit micro racing quads right through to octocopters, and a large collection of ESCs giving the greatest choice of probably any UK seller. In terms of radio equipment, we have a range of great value 2.4Ghz systems, particularly suited to multirotors and also RC accessories like lost model alarms. Finally, our range of electronics also extends to a good selection of voltage regulators (BECs) and an impressive selection of super bright LED lights and strobes, for night flying and help with orientation.

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