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Carbon Fibre  Anti Vibration Plate for DJI

Anti-Vibration Damping Mount for DJI Phantom 1 Quadcopter

Vibration is your worst enemy; it confuses your flight controller and spoils camera footage. This lightweight, anti vibration damping mount reduces, or can even eliminate all vibration, which is often association with 'Jello Effect' in video. It has hole mounts that allow it to be attached directly to the DJI Phantom 1/2 but it will fit other quadcoopters too.
Foam Flight Controller Mount Pads - 10Pcs

Holybro Sticky Back Foam Flight Controller Mount Pads

When it comes to mounting your flight controller, it's important to attached it securely and dampen vibration. These foam mounting pads from Holybro are designed to do just that. They are made from a foam with good vibration damping properties and then have a super sticky 3M double side adhesive backing to ensure your FC is well stuck.
Rope Wire Vibration Isolator

Tarot Combined Rubber & Wire Anti Vibration Dampener

This premium anti vibration dampener can be used to isolate sensitive payloads such as a camera from sources of high frequency vibration. It utilises a combined rope wire and rubber damper that provides excellent multi-axis shock and vibration isolation. Each dampener has a rated payload of 250-300g.  

Tarot Gimbal Anti Vibration Damping Ball with Tail

Excessive vibration can cause all manner of problems with regards to flight performance and imaging. The best solution is to eliminate the sources of vibration, but when that's not possible another method is to isolate sensitive electronics from vibration. These high quality vibration damping balls are designed to do just that. They are made from a soft rubber and the inner cavity of the ball is filled with dampening fluid, which utilises the viscous damping characteristics of the liquid so that shock energy is effectively dissipated. They are available in two sizes, please select as required.
TBS Team BlackSheep Soft Silicone Motor Mounts 1mm 9pcs

TBS Soft Silicone Anti Vibration Drone Motor Mounts - 9pcs

Solve high-frequency oscillation problems on your quad by filtering low-frequency noise out before it gets to your flight controller. These TBS Anti-vibration motor mounts are for 2204 to 2208 size motors with a 16mm to 19mm mount pattern. SOFT MOUNTING - THE THEORY The transition between hard and soft materials provides vibration absorption. By squeezing a soft piece of silicone between the motor and the frame, certain vibration frequencies will get attenuated. Without soft mounting the vibration noise may saturate the gyro reading, making it impossible for the gyro to distinguish signal from noise. The end result is high frequency shakes or spastic movements of your quad - either at full throttle or mid throttle - that remain regardless of your PID values. In most cases, soft-mounting the flight controller or motors will get rid of these issues. With the TBS soft-mount silicone kit, you'll get everything necessary to improve the flight handling of your quads. CAVEATS When soft-mounting, you need to be aware of the advantages as well as the disadvantages. In essence, soft-mounting is a vibration filtration technique. Every kind of filtering introduces latency. By allowing the motors to move just a tiny bit, we create a slower response from the quad. It will manifest itself as a "smoother" response to your control inputs, but also mean that your muscle-memory may need to go through some minor re-adjustment. The downsides can be considered minimal, just don't expect to have your cake and eat it too, is what we're saying.
Mini Flight Controller Anti Vibration Mount - For Naze 32, CC3D, KK

Flight Controller Anti Vibration Mount For Mini APM Naze CC3D

If you find that your flight controller is performing badly, it could be down to excessive vibration. Vibration damping is important because flight controllers rely on sensors like accelerometers, which are sensitive to vibration. This anti-vibration mount is designed to reduce and can even eliminate all vibration. It's suitable for small flight controllers such as the CC3D, Naze 32, Mini APM and Mini KK. The mount comes with four 3mm rubber pins to secure the mount to your frame.
Multirotor Kyosho Z8006 Zeal Vibration Absorption Mounting Gel

Kyosho Z8006 Zeal Vibration Absorption Mounting Gel

Vibration dampening is critical for multirotor flight performance and also for jello free video. If you are in the market for vibration control, then you probably already know about this stuff; if you don't, you will soon discover that Kyosho Zeal mounting gel is considered by most to be the best anti-vibration product available to buy. The problem is, in Europe at least it's very hard to come by. Kyosho Z8006 Zeal vibration absorption gel is excellent at vibration reduction and has a very good adhesive quality, which lasts well and can be restored to full strength if it gets dirty by simply washing it with water. It comes in a sheet measuring 145mm by 45mm and can be cut to size using a sharp Stanley knife. Bizarrely it's sticky wherever you cut it, so if you cut a cube out of it, you will have a cube that is very sticky on all 6 sides. It's suited to many applications from securing and damping vibrations to your flight controller, through to reducing the 'jello effect' suffered by CMOS cameras such as the GoPro. More recently, we've seen racing drone pilots using it as an anti-slip pad for mounting batteries. There are plenty of forum posts praising this product, a good place to start is the APM Wiki on vibration damping and isolation - they regard the Zeal gel as 'probably the single best solution' to vibration control.
Peel and Stick Adhesive Foam 125x125x4mm

Double Sided Sticky Back Adhesive Foam 125x125x4mm

Our double sided sticky back foam is great for mounting flight controllers, receivers, FPV equipment and much more. It's made with super sticky glue ensuring a secure contact with almost any surface; just make sure you want your parts to stay together for a really long time, as once it's stuck it's hard to pull apart! It addition to gripping really well, it also helps to dampen vibration. It comes as a generous sized piece measuring 125x125mm by 4mm. For a strong and reliable bond, ensure the surfaces of the parts to be joined are clean, then just peel and stick. Features: Double-sided, self-adhesive Vibration damping Lightweight Non-toxic Water resistant Custom Made: The foam can be cut using a sharp pair of scissors or carefully with a Stanley knife. However, if you want a very neat cut or custom pad made to perfectly match the template of a part we offer a laser cutting service - enquire here.
Foam Mounting pads

Gyro / Flight Controller Mounting Pads (10pcs)

Vibration dampening is critical for multirotor flight performance. These 3M foam pads are soft to provide excellent vibration dampening, yet rigid enough to keep your device from moving around. These properties make them the ideal choice for mounting your flight controller, gyro and numerous other electronics.


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