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Clamping Soldering Helper

Soldering Station Helping Hands with Table Clamp

When it comes to soldering, it seems you can never have enough hands to hold everything and make a decent job of it without burning your fingers; help is at hand, quite literally by adding another 3 with this useful soldering station. The stand features three flexible arms with grippers on each that make it easy to precisely hold what you are working on, leaving your hands free to do the soldering. The stand is also an effective tool for holding small objects whilst painting them and has all sorts of other uses. The stand is easy to assemble and thanks to its clamping base, can be secured to a taple top in seconds. We also sell a six-armed version here.
Desoldering Braid

Solder Wick Desoldering Braid

Solder Wick, also known as Desoldering Braid is used in the desoldering of electronic components, and also jobs like removing soldered bridge joints and tidying up mistakes! The material itself is a finely braided copper wire that has been coated with a soldering rosin flux, which helps the solder to flow and be drawn into the wick by capillary action. Even if you are a pro at soldering, we can guarantee that you will find a roll of solder wick super useful to have. How to use: Place the solder wick over the area to be desoldered, apply your hot soldering iron and the solder will be soaked up into the braid. Repeat with a fresh area of braid until the joint is free from excess solder, simple as that (just be careful not to burn your fingers, the braid is conductive so will get hot). As well as removing complete joints, it also works well for small joints that are close together as you can cut the end of the wick at an angle so you have a small, precise point to work with.

TBS Soldering Flux

Soldering flux is used before and during soldering to prevent oxidation and create better, cleaner solder joints. This flux type: NC-559-ASM-UV is very popular in the electronics repair industry, used by many professionals. The TBS Flux is a No-Clean solution which means it doesn’t require extra additional steps to clean the PCB after use. It comes in a 10CC syringe for ease of use. It includes a plunger and needle to help dispense the most precise amount for every delicate build.
Miniware TS80P Smart Soldering Iron with OLED Display

TS80P 30W Portable Smart Soldering Iron

The TS80P is the upgraded version of TS80 Smart Soldering Iron. The key improvement is the increased power output; it's up from 18W to 30W. This extra power makes it more capable of soldering bigger power plugs and higher gauge cable. Also now it only takes 11 seconds to reach 350°C, compared to the 18 seconds from the TS80. As before, the soldering iron is powered by a USB Type-C input, which can be provided by charging plugs, power banks and mobile power supplies that comply with PD2.0 (12V 2.5A)/QC3.0 (9V 2A) standard. The other main change is the brand new tip fastener, which provides a better holding experience and an easy push-to-loosen action for changing the tips quickly and safely. Despite the relatively low power of the TS80P, 30W vs. 65W for the TS100, the soldering iron is very capable and performs for most applications just as well as the TS100. Through pure cooper heat conduction and an internal thermal ceramic heating core, it has excellent heat transfer to its tip so a little heat goes a long way. We've used it to solder racing drone PDBs, XT60s and 14AWG wire without issue; just make sure you have enough solder on the tip to transfer the heat. The TS80P iron has a great feel of quality about it, the body of the iron is made of anodised aluminium rather than plastic. It also benefits from an ergonomic grip that helps with soldering precision. As with the TS80 iron, the TS80P has a STM32 microcontroller and utilises open source firmware, which can be upgraded and customised to suit your preferences by connecting it with a PC; you can do all sorts of clever things like creating your own temperatures curves. Other features that have remained the same are the OLED display, which lets you control the iron and see things like temperature status. Its built-in motion sensor also allows the iron to quickly change between stand-by mode and operating temperature, and also automatic power-off mode. This is the TS80P More Package so it comes with extras including a super soft silicone USB-C wire, a ground wire and a Quickcharge 3.0 USB power plug adapter (note it has a EU plug fitting). We sell a carry case for the TS80P separately here. FEATURES: OLED screen, full body CNC aluminium alloy casing Digital temperature readout USB Type-C 0/QC3.0 standard input Power increased from 18W to 30W max Only 8s to heat from room temperature to 300℃ Brand new easy-push tip fastener, one push to loosen tips Builtin smart chip for Port Protection Share same tips with TS80 Built-in accelerometer with STM32 processor will put it to sleep when put down and wake upon picking it up Supports custom programmable development (open source firmware) Please note that TS100 Tips are not compatible with the TS80. Compatible USB-C 45W Mains Power Supply with UK Plug - HERE
Kotking RC Waterproof Coating for Drones 15ml - Transparent

Kotking RC Waterproof Coating for Drones 15ml

Protect your electronics from rain, snow, mud, pumpkin juice... you get the point.  Kotking is designed from a special silicone which allows the heat to dissipate, which is critical in our FPV application. Not only is Kotking water resistant, but it's also heat resistant, so it won't melt of your ESCs. The coating is easy to remove for repairs or component replacement. 1 tube contains 15mL of liquid coating, weighing in from 29-31 grams. This is sufficient to fully coat 1 5" setup. See what it can do  -  HOW TO APPLY  1. Tear down all parts so you can easily put KOTKING on them, no need to unsolder. 2. Clean up all surfaces with air blower, brush, or cloth to avoid dust, oil, moist or any other things that cover it. 3. Use the included microUSB cap to prevent coating inside the connector. 3. Apply KOTKING to all components such as flight controller, VTX, camera boards evenly and slowly. You can use the included tiny brush / wood stick. 4. Put them in balanced position and let them dry for about 15-20 mins. Do one side at a time
TBS Multicore 63/37 Rosin Core Solder Wire Real - 100G DIA 0.5MM

TBS Multicore 63/37 Rosin Core Solder Wire Real - 100G 0.5MM

Premium leaded solder with integrated flux to make any solder work a breeze! 0.5MM solder is perfect for dedicate work, soldering PCBs and signal wires. If you are working with motors wires and power leads we recommend using 1MM Solder. TBS Solder is spec'd accordingly to Chris Dunkel aka RiSCyD, our lead engineer. Easy to solder, plenty of flux to make sure it cures nice and looks professional.

TS100 Smart Soldering Iron with OLED Display

The TS100 is the soldering iron of choice for a lot of RC Hobbyists and with good reason. With its 65W power rating it heats up in seconds and can be used to solder heavy gauge cable with ease. It also boasts very accurate temperature control thanks to dual temperature sensors and a STM32 microcontroller. The temperature is displayed on a clear OLED screen and it can be adjusted quickly from 100 °C to 400 °C by pressing the buttons on the handle. Its built-in motion sensor also allows the iron to automatically change between stand-by mode and operating temperature by sensing when the iron is picked up - a useful feature that saves power and oxidation of the tip whilst you aren't using it. Our favourite feature of the TS100 is its brilliant portability. It's very compact and can be powered from a 3-4S LiPo battery meaning you can take it to a race day and make repairs without a needing a mains power supply. Features Built-in accelerometer with STM32 processor will put it to sleep when put down and wake upon picking it up. Digital temperature readout Temperature control is set on the handle for easy temperature adjustments Anti-static insulated structure ensures safety during use Supports custom programmable development (open source firmware) Multiple soldering head types are available Can be powered via a 3-4s LiPo battery for mobile use Power Supply: To power up the iron you should use a 12 V to 24 V power supply or a 3-4S LiPo. We sell an upgrade Soft Silicone XT60 Power Cable for the TS100 here. Different power supplies will get different results when it comes to heat up time: 12 V (17 W): 40 seconds 16 V (30 W): 20 seconds 19 V (40 W): 15 seconds 24 V (65 W): 11 seconds
ATTEN ST-2150D 150W Adjustable Temperature Soldering Iron w/LCD Screen 110/240V AC (UK Plug)

ATTEN ST-2150D 150W Soldering Iron with LCD Screen

This high quality mains powered (AC) soldering iron from ATTEN is an easy to use, fully adjustable soldering that is a must for all hobbyists and electronic engineers. It is packed full of features but its main one is the temperature is fully adjustable from 250°C to 480°C using a PID controller for accurate control of the temperature that you have set (holds temperature within ± 2°C). A short press of the on button switches the iron on (indication is by a blue LED in the button), a long press of this button puts the iron into set-up mode. In this mode you can do a quick temperature adjustment, temperature compensation adjustment, switch the display from °C to °F and set the auto sleep function. The auto sleep function cuts in after 10 minutes, a short press of the on button switches the iron back on again. The iron will go into full power shutdown if it is not used for 20 minutes. The heating element and sensor are made of a PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) material which enables the iron to have rapid heating and cooling properties. The metal parts of the iron are mostly made of stainless steel and the ergonomically designed handle is made of a composite material for strength and comfort. At 150 watts this iron is perfect for doing those heavy duty soldering projects such as fitting large connectors etc and heavy duty cable. Features: Fully adjustable temperature range (250-480°C) Uses a PID controller for accurate temperature control Automatic sleep mode after 10mins Easy to read LCD display Blue LED status light Ergonomically designed handle for comfort and control Heating element and sensor made from PTC for rapid heating and cooling​


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