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Octocopter Power Distribution Board with 3.5MM Bullets and XT60

Octocopter Power Distribution Board with 3.5MM Bullets

This 50mm power distribution board provides a tidy solution to power your speed controllers and other electronics. Simply plug in your ESC's 3.5mm male connectors and you are ready to go. It's compatibile with up to 8 ESCs, so this board can also be used for hexacopters, octocopters etc.
Advanced Power Drives PDB-500 X 12S 52V 500A for X Class Quadcopter

Advanced Power Drives PDB500 X 12S 52V 500A for X Class Quad


When Reliability Is Critical And Only The Best Will Do, The PDB_500 Will Distribute Power Efficiently At Over 25kW!

Advance Power Drive is an Australian brand that designs and develops high-end ESCs and PDBs for the military and commercial applications. Now they have brought their expertise to the FPV racer market with a range of products to suit 5" to X-Class.

High Amp PDB

200A Double-Sided Multirotor ESC Power Distribution Board


This simple Power Distribution Board (PDB) features 8 outputs (4 +/- pairs on each side of the PCB) and has a high current rating, 200Amps. The board has a well-designed layout with the power input in the centre and the outputs circling the board. If you find that you need more connections or greater current handling, you can stack two boards together (as pictured). Lastly the PDB features large contact areas which makes soldering larger cables and connectors to it straightforward.

100A Multirotor ESC Power Distribution Battery Board

100A Double-sided Multirotor ESC Power Distribution Board


This is a straightforward 50mm square power distribution board with M3 mounting holes. It has 16 contacts (8 pairs on each side of the PCB) ready for you to solder your ESC conections to. The board is rated for 100A so it will suit small to medium size multirotors. For high current applications we recommend our 300A PDB - here.

We also sell this PDB with a XT60 power wire and soldered 3.5mm bullet connectors - HERE.

Tarot High Current Heavy lift Quad Hexa PDB Signal Hub 12S 480A - TL2996

Tarot High Current Heavy lift 12S 480A PDB & 6X Signal Hub

This power distribution board is designed for large UAVs, typically those used for industrial applications such as crop spraying or heavy lifting. It supports quadcopter and hexacopter installations and is rated at a massive 480amps. The board features two sets of power input wires which are connected in series - connecting two 6S LiPO packs will a deliver 12S output to the ESC / Motors power connections. If you require a 6S power supply, connect two 3S batteries in series or just one 6S battery to the red wire on the left and the black on the right. There are also auxiliary power outputs on the PDB - 2x 12S connections and 2x 6S connections. Note these are not regulated power supplies; their output voltage will depend on the voltage of the batteries / battery connected. The board makes use of XT90 female connectors for the ESC power outputs and XT60 female connectors for the auxiliary power outputs so you will require male XT90 / XT60 connectors. Finally, the board features ESC signal inputs labeled M1 to M6. The connections are outputted together respectively at the signal hub, ready for you to connect with your flight controller. For the main power input wires, we recommend that you use the Amass AS150 7mm anti spark connectors. IMPORTANT: Do not connect a battery to the middle red and black wires - they are connected together and will short your power supply.
Matek FCHUB-6S PDB for F405 FC, 184A Current Sensor & Dual BEC

Matek FCHUB-6S PDB for F405 Flight Controller w/ 5V 10V BECs


Matek has created another superb Power Distribution Board (PDB) capable of utilising 3 to 6S lipo batteries. It will provide 120A current to four ESCs (30A each ESC). As well as this it provides regulated and filtered 5V DC (1.5A) and 10V DC (1.5A) outputs for powering items such as cameras, RC receiver, Flight Controllers, Video Transmitters, LEDs, etc.



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