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Holybro Kakute F7 Mini V3 Flight Controller - 20x20, OSD, Baro

Holybro Kakute F7 Mini V3 FC - 20x20, OSD, Baro


Now shipping the Kakute F7 Mini V3 (Latest Version) - New in V3:

  • MCU change from F745 to F722
  • Added a connection for DJI Air Unit / Caddx Vista for digital FPV.
  • Smaller footprint (still 20×20 mountable)

If you require the V2 model we sell it HERE.

Happymodel Crazybee F4 Lite 1S Whoop Flight Controller FC/ESC/RX/VTX 4in1 - FrSky

Happymodel Crazybee F4 Lite 1S Whoop Flight Controller


The Crazybee F4 lite is a feature packed micro flight controller used by the HappyModel Mobula6 drone, but it would suit any 1S Whoop build too. The FC is a 4-in-1, so everything is on a single board. It comes with an integrated SPI receiver (FrSky or FlySky), ESC, and 5.8GHz VTX (with support for BetaFlight OSD)!


Holybro Pix32 v5 Pixhawk 4 FC Autopilot


The Pix32 v5 is a new flight controller developed by Holybro based of the FMUv5 scheme, which can be regarded as a variant version of ‘Pixhawk4’.

The Pix32 v5 is comprised of a separate flight controller and carrier board which are connected by a 100pin connector. It is designed for those pilots who need a high power, flexible and customisable flight control system.

Happymodel Crazybee F4 PRO V3.0 Flight Controller / ESC - SPI RX FrSky EU LBT

Happymodel Crazybee F4 PRO V3.0 Flight Controller / ESC


The CrazyBee F4 is a compact 2-4S brushless F4 flight controller with integrated 4in1 ESC, BetaFlight OSD, and 2.4G receiver all on the same board. You only need to add motors, VTX and Camera to complete your setup. It’s one of the most popular FCs for Tiny Whoops, Toothpick Drones and Micro Drones.

This is the latest revision of the board which features an updated MCU from STM32F303 to STM32F411 and also with an extra UART added, making it with two UARTs in total. It also now includes a built-in current sensor and uprated 10A per channel ESC.

Beecore F3 FC

Beecore OMNIBUS F3 Blushless Flight Controller


The Beecore BL is a 1S* compatible brushless flight controller to power your Tiny Whoop. It features an omnibus F3 flight controller which has support for the Betaflight OSD. It also has an integrated DShot compatible 5A 4in1 ESC to power your brushless motors (0603 or 0802). All this fits into the standard Tiny Whoop form factor to make this FC the go to choice for indoor quads.

JST PH1.25 3 Pin connectors are supplied for the motor connections.

*Also 1S HV compatible.

Holybro Kakute F7 HDV AIO Flight Controller with PDB for DJI HD FPV System

Holybro Kakute F7 HDV AIO Flight Controller for DJI HD FPV


The HolyBro Kakute F7 HDV is designed to work seamlessly with the new DJI Digital HD FPV VTX module. The FC can be connected directly to the DJI Air Unit without any soldering, for a neat and simple installation. Not only does the HDV FC provides stable power to the DJI Air Unit, it also sends flight information for display in the DJI FPV goggles.

Pixracer R15 Mini Flight Controller with WiFi

Mini PX4 Pixracer R15 Flight Controller Autopilot with WiFi


Many people will mistakenly believe that the PixRacer is just a standard “racer” controller that lacks many of the functionalities of a complete autopilot system. Well, don’t be fooled, PixRacer has all the capabilities of the original PixHawk – and even more! But it's optimised in size and has just about the right amount of input/outputs that allows you to switch from a full enriched autopilot stack system with autolanding and full navigation to a high-performance racing platform. So, if you get tired of advanced precision waypoints, then flip a switch and race like a pro!


Holybro Durandal FC Autopilot with Power Module & GPS


Durandal is the latest update to the successful family of Holybro autopilots. It was designed and developed by Holybro, optimized to run the latest ArduPilot firmware. It features the STM32H743 microprocessor, the latest advanced processor technology from STMicroelectronics®, plus sensor technology from Bosch® and InvenSense®, and a ChibiOS real-time operating system, delivering incredible performance, flexibility, and reliability for controlling any autonomous vehicle. Durandal’s microcontroller now has 2 MB of Flash memory and 1 MB of RAM.




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