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Holybro Pixhawk 5X Flight Controller

Holybro Pixhawk 5X Autopilot Kit


The Pixhawk​®​ 5X is the latest update to the successful family of Pixhawk® flight controllers, based on the Pixhawk​​® FMUv5X Open Standard and the Pixhawk​​® Autopilot Bus Standard. It comes with the latest PX4 Autopilot​® pre-installed, triple redundancy, temperature-controlled, isolated sensor domain, delivering incredible performance and reliability.


3D Robotics ARDUPILOT MEGA APM 2.6 Flight Controller


GENUINE 3D ROBOTICS APM 2.6 Flight Controller, not a clone board - The Ardupilot mega or “APM”, started as an open source project from 3DR Robotics. 3DR Robotics have ceased trading, but the Ardupilot Open Source Project has continued. This stock was purchased from 3DR's liquidation, hence the low price. Originally the RRP for this product was £123.60.


Happymodel Crazybee X AIO F4 1-2S Whoop Flight Controller


The Crazybee X is Happymodel's first Whoop AIO flight controller that can handle 2S voltage.

The crazybee X flight controller is a feature packed all in one Whoop flight controller. It comes with an integrated SPI receiver (DSMX, FrSky or FlySky), ESC, and 5.8GHz VTX (with support for BetaFlight OSD)! There's no soldering required as it uses plug connections for connecting motors and a camera. It would be a suitable upgrade FC for the Mobula6/Mobula6HD or any 1S Whoop build too


Hobbywing XRotor F7 Convertible Flight Controller


The XRotor F7 Convertible Flight Controller from Hobbywing continues to impress with its latest iteration. This is Hobbywing's first flight controller to implement a super fast F7 MCU and the ICM20602 gyro. It also now comes with an all-new 5V & 12V dual BEC Circuit and a special interface for the DJI image transmission system, allowing support for both analogue and DJI digital FPV video systems. As before, it supports other useful features such the BetaFlight OSD, voltage monitoring and on-board pit switch.


Holybro Kakute F4 V2.3 Flight Controller with OSD & Baro


The Holybro Kakute F4 V2.3 is the next generation of this popular flight controller. This latest update (V2.3), brings support for the DJI FPV system. The FC can be connected directly to the DJI Air Unit without any soldering (or to the Caddx Vista soldering required), for a neat and simple installation. Not only does the HDV FC provides stable power to the DJI Air Unit, it also sends flight information for display in the DJI FPV goggles. 


JHEMCU GHF405 F4 35A 3-6S AIO Toothpick Flight Controller


The JHEMCU GH405 35A FC is a new ultra-light 7.2g brushless AIO flight controller! This FC has a strong performance and can handle 35A of continuous current and up to 6S. Breakthrough the limits of your quad and explore the possibilities from 3"-5" configurations.

Recommended for use with 12xx-15xx motors, with 3″-5″ size props. The input voltage is 3-6S LiPo.




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