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FPV Receiver (21 Channel)


Flysight 5.8Ghz FPV Receiver (21 Channel)

Product Discontinued - please see RC832 for alternative product. If you are looking for a compact RC receiver for your FPV set-up then the new Flysight RC306 is the perfect receiver for you. This mini 5.8Ghz receiver is a very small stand alone video receiver that has all the features and performance of the larger FPV receivers. It's 20% smaller than the old RC805 and yet packs 13 extra channels! With 21 channels (all UK legal), this receiver is just about compatible with any FPV transmitter including Fatshark. To find the best inteferance free signal, its number display and button makes changing channels easy. Simply cycle through the channels by pressing the button, and hold the button for a few seconds to change frequency band. The receiver is housed in a stong CNC aluminium case, measuring just 4x5.5cm. The unit is ready to use out of the box, it even comes with a power and RCA cable. Supported Frequencies
5.8GHZ Multi Band FPV Transmitter


Flysight 5.8Ghz 25mW 21CH FPV Transmitter (UK Legal)

Product Discontinued - please see FT951 for alternative product.  If you want to fly FPV in the UK, this low power 5.8Ghz transmitter (TX) is your best option. It's a 25mw TX and operates over the bands A / B & F, which complies with UK and EU regulations (it has a CE certification). Although you have probably seen more powerful FPV transmitters, don't think it has a poor range because of its low power rating. With the stock antenna you can get 100 - 150m in open space. However, if you are using some circular polarised antennas, you can easily get >300m - perfect then for multirotor use. It's a multiband 21 channel transmitter, which makes its compatible with almost any 5.8Ghz FPV equipment on the market (including Fatshark and ImmersionRC gear). Compared to other transmitters, this one is very easy to operate due to its channel changing button and LED display. What's more the last used channel is always stored, so you don't need to set the channel each time you turn it on. Supported Frequencies Please note that the transmitter camera power output is 0.5v lower than the input voltage, so depending on the camera you are using, this TX is best used with a 11.1v LiPo battery. IMPORTANT: Do not turn the transmitter on before attaching the antenna, doing so will permanently damage the board!
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