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DALRC USB Quick Charger Supporting QC3.0 / FCP / PE2.0 / BC1.2 / APPLE

DALRC USB Quick Charger 36W Supporting QC3.0/FCP/PE2.0

Turn any XT60 LiPo battery into a portable power bank with the DalRC USB Quick Charger. It is a simple device that allows you to connect a power source to it to be converted into a USB power port for charging and powering any USB device. You can use it charge smartphones, tablets, USB powered torches, Tiny Whoop battery chargers, the TS80 Soldering Iron... anything the uses a USB power supply. Furthermore it's not just any USB charger; it's a quick charger. What does this mean? A quick charger is designed to charge your devices much faster than a conventional USB port allows by stepping up the output voltage. Most modern Smartphones support quick charging technology and if your device isn't compatible with quick chargers, it doesn't matter as it automatically works like a regular USB port too. The Quick Charger is very easy to use, connect a 8-32volt power supply and then your USB device. If you are using a LiPo battery as the power source, you can set a cut-off voltage so you don't over-discharge your battery. Simply hold the set button for a few seconds and then short press it to set the appropriate cut-off voltage. The charger supports the following fast charging standards: QC3.0 / FCP / PE2.0 / BC1.2 / APPLE
Drone ESC Cover

DalRC Anodised Aluminium ESC Protective Covers 10A-30A 4Pcs

Protect your ESCs from prop strikes and add some bling to your racing drone with these anodised aluminium ESC protective covers. They fit most racing drones ESCs 10A - 20A, for example the DYS XSD20A and some 30A ESCs: Check the dimensions of your ESCs before purchasing.  Various color options available, 4pcs per set: Red, Silver, Black, Purple, Orange, Titanium, Blue, Gold, Green. Internal Dimensions: 27.5x15.5x6.5mm


DalRC QOSD Mini Drone / Plane FPV On Screen Display with GPS

The DALRC QOSD has been discontinued - alternative product here. The DALRC QOSD is a small circuit board that provides telemetry data and overlays it on to your FPV screen/goggles.  It has a built in compass, barometer, gyroscope, and accelerometer.  It will provide in-flight data including battery voltage, attitude angle (pitch and roll), speed, home direction, distance travelled and even an artifical horizon.   This is an excellent piece of kit and almost mandatory for FPV pilots who require real time in-flight data. It provides an artificial horizon overlay with a simple layout to display other relevant data to the FPV pilot. Those with DVR's on the ground will appreciate the live GPS co-ords displayed in case of a lost machine. Features: A fully independent OSD system with built-in sensors Sensors include compass, barometer, gyroscope and accelerometer Offer complete flight data display Support GPS and RSSI signal Connect to the receiver to control OSD switch Suitable for use in RC quadcopters, aeroplanes, model ships and more Compact and lightweight Functions: Battery voltage (voltage warning, 2-6S automatic detect) Attitude angle (P: pitch angle R: Roll angle) Speed Number of GPS satellites  Home direction indicator Distance travelled Distance from home Altitude Azimuth  Heading Remote RSSI signal strength (RSSI output requires Receiver support, not displayed by default) Horizon  Center of the screen icon (supports three kinds of icons, or off)) Vertical speed Latitude and longitude (LON: longitude LAT: latitude E:East W:West S:South N:North) Flight time Maximum flight speed  Maximum line distance  IMPORTANT NOTES: To use the Home Arrow function set yaw direction to GPS (not compass). If you are getting a black screen (no picture) please check your voltage input. The DalOSD requires a 6-26V input. It's best to take the power from your flight battery not from a VTX as most only output 5 volts. In any case it's more useful to have the voltage readout on the OSD being your flight battery. Be aware that the output voltage to the camera is unregulated, i.e. it will match the input battery voltage.
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