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Drone Start-ups and Innovation

By admin, 27/01/2014 - 22:39
Drone Start ups and Inovation - VC200 Volocopter (e-volo)

When most people hear the word 'drone', they think of war and spying. When most people hear the acronym 'UAV' (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) they think of robotics and technology. Yet these terms aren't inseparable, they are interchangeable; drones are UAVs, and UAVs are drones. While it is true we are generally more familiar with the 'war drones', that maybe all about to change. Take another term, 'multirotor'. Until recently most people wouldn't have had a clue what it meant. Now thanks to the media a lot more people know it means a flying craft, a little bit like a helicopter but only with more rotors. In the future we are going to hear a lot more about these flying machines, and probably even have direct control or contact with them.


Prime Air - The future of drones?

By admin, 04/12/2013 - 14:42
Amazon Prime Air - Future of Drones

Will Amazon Prime Air actually come to fruition? We don't think so. There are many unanswered questions and technological barriers to overcome. Is collision avoidance possible? Will they be able to fly in challenging weather conditions? How will privacy issues be dealt with? What about logistical practicalities - how would you deliver to a flat in a tower block? Then there are regulatory barriers, safety and security concerns... As you can see there many reasons why drones are a long way off from being used to deliver packages in our opinion.