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2018 Christmas Gift Ideas for Drone Enthusiasts

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By admin, 07/12/2017 - 10:23
Flying Tech's 2018 Christmas Gift Ideas for Drone Enthusiasts

Christmas is coming, so what would make a great present for someone who likes to build or fly drones? There's lots of choice out there, almost too much, and for someone that doesn't know a lot about the hobby it can be a little bit confusing deciding what's best. To make things a little easier we've created a Christmas gift list to help you pick some great presents for your friends and family from our store!

Stocking Fillers - Gifts Under £10:

Brand Stickers Price £0.50 - £1.99

Stickers make a great stocker filler and everyone loves them, especially racing drone pilots. We've got sticker sheets from some of the most popular racing drone brands: Team Black Sheep TBSRunCam and FrSky Stickers.

FrSky Stickers

Flying Tech Battery Strap - £1.99

You can never have enough battery straps, so this is a safe bet for any racing drone flyer. These ones are made by us and are great quality.

Flying Tech Battery Strap

Racing Drone Propellers - £2.50

Racing drones crash, it's part of the sport, so it's a great idea to have a stockpile of spare props. At just £2.50 a pack they are a great buy.

Racing Drone Props

Flashing Strobe Light - £12.50

Most people seem impressed by these super bright flashing strobe lights, so there's a great chance they'll make a good stocking filler for someone. As they are USB rechargeable, there is no complicated wiring involved so they can be used with any model, be it drones or planes. They seem popular with DJI Mavic / Phantom pilots, so if you're buying for someone with one of those drones, it could be a good shout. 

Flashing Strobe LED

Gifts Under £30:

TBS Black Sheep Cap - £22.00

If you know someone who is a fan of Team BlackSheep (TBS) they will love this cap. It's available in two styles: Black or the Squad Cap.

TBS Black Sheep Squad Cap

Build Your Own Drone Manual - £22.99

If you are buying for someone who is thinking of building a drone for the first time, this book will be the perfect present. It's full of useful advice and step-by-step guidance, which is sure to be gratefully received.

Build Your Own Drone Manual (Haynes Owners' Workshop Manual) Hardcover

Handheld Digital Anemometer - £16

This is both a fun and practical present. Measure the wind speed accurately with this digital anemometer to know whether it's safe to fly or not.

Mini Digital Anemometer Wind / Temperature Handheld Meter

Soldering Starter Set - £24.90

If you are building a drone from scratch you are going to need to do some soldering and therefore need a soldering set. This could make great present for someone getting into the hobby. It's a complete soldering set and even comes with a useful storage case to keep all the tools together.

Soldering Set

Rechargeable LED Desk Lamp - £26.99

If you are buying for someone who spends a lot of time with a soldering iron or spanner to hand, they are bound to like this product. The stylish TBS Led Lamp boasts a clever design that makes it both adjustable and portable. Best still you don't even need to worry about getting some AA batteries for it, as it's rechargeable via USB.

Team BlackSheep TBS Portable USB Rechargeable LED Lamp

Gifts Under £50:

Multifunctional Battery Balance Charger - £39

Anyone into an RC hobby, be it drones, planes, cars or boats needs a good quality battery charger. This charger will be suitable for most and at £39 represents great value for money.

SkyRC S60 AC Multifunctional Balance Charger 60W 6A 2-4S

Mini FPV Camera and Video Transmitter - £39.90

The FX806TV makes adding FPV to your RC model super easy! It can be powered from the balance port of a 1S LiPo battery or any 5V power supply, and because it's extremely small and lightweight, it could be installed on almost anything. To view the live video we recommended getting the Hawkeye 5" monitor.

FXT FX806TC 5.8GHz 25mW RaceBand VTX/Camera Combo

Retractable Landing Gear - £49.99

A retractable landing gear is probably one of the most popular upgrades amongst drone building enthusiasts, so it has the potential to be a great present for the right person. This is a product which will only work with a self-build drone so don't buy it for someone with a DJI phantom.

Tarot Carbon Fibre Retractable Landing Gear - TL65B44

Gifts Under £100:

TBS RaceTracker Personal Lap Timer - £54.90

If you are buying for someone with a competitive streak in them, they will love the TBS RaceTracker. It's a clever device that records lap times for FPV racing drone pilots so that they can really compete and find out who is the best!

TBS RaceTracker

LowePro DroneGuard Kit Carry Case - £59.99

LowePro have a reputation for making great quality camera bags and now they are making drone carry cases too. This carry case uses an inventive system of dividers to protect and secure your drone and accessories.

LowePro DroneGuard Kit Carry Case Storage System for 400 Size Quadcopters

RunCam 2 HD Wide Angle Mini FPV ActionCam - £89

You’ve probably heard of a GoPro, but if you haven’t heard of a RunCam all you need to know is that they are better cameras than GoPros for RC model flying. The RunCam 2 is a fantastic little camera that records in full HD and has a FPV output should you want to fly with goggles or a screen. 

RunCam 2

Tarot 140 Indoor FPV Racing Quadcopter - SALE PRICE £99.99

The Tarot 140 is an almost ready to fly quad, designed for fun indoor flying thanks to its crash ring. It comes fully assembled; you just need a radio, receiver and battery to get flying.

Tarot 140
Some Bigger Ideas...

TechOne Hobby FPV Kraftei 650 EPO Wing - £149.99

Racing FPV planes are set to become the next big thing. The rocket ship that is the Kraftei 650 would make a fantastic present for someone looking at getting into FPV wings. It comes PNP (plug-n-play) so getting into the air is a breeze - just add a receiver and a battery.


TechOne Hobby FPV Kraftei 650 EPO Wing FPV Racer Airplane

DYS ELF FPV Brushless Micro Quad - £159.99

The little DYS ELF is small enough to be flown indoors and powerful enough to be flown outside. So whatever you plan for this Christmas, you could take the DYS ELF with you and still get some flying in. It comes with its own radio control and battery, so it's truly ready to fly out of the box.



RC900 9" FPV Monitor with 40CH Diversity Rx & DVR - £199

Someone that's looking to do aerial photography or FPV flying will really like this monitor. Aside the massive display, it includes lots of features like a DVR for recording the video.

RC900 Monitor

TBS Tango with Built In 5.8GHz FPV Display - £239.90

The TBS Tango is a pretty cool radio transmitter. It includes a built-in monitor and 5.8GHz receiver, making it appeal to FPV racing drone pilots.

TBS Tango

Walkera Furious 215 FPV Racing - £335

If you are buying for someone looking to get a FPV racing drone, but you don't think they'd want to build it from scratch, then you can't go wrong with the Walkera Furious 215. It comes as a complete package with everything included to get flying and it's factory tuned so you won't even have to plug it into a computer. As racing drones go, the F215 is up there with the best and the quickest!

Walkera Furious 215

Walkera Runner 250 Pro - £399.99

Here's a drone for someone looking to get into the hobby. The Runner 250 PRO incorporates GPS, so it’s like having a co-pilot on board. At the flick of a switch you can put the Runner into a position hold hover or at another send it back home to land. The Runner comes as a complete set with radio transmitter, battery and charger so you won't need anything else to get flying.

Walkera Runner with GPS

DJI Mavic Pro - £799

The DJI Mavic Pro really needs no introduction. It's well known that it's a fantastic camera drone, which is both portable and very easy to use.

DJI Mavic Pro

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