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Small LiPo Guard Fireproof Charge Sack 5x5x12cm

Small LiPo Guard Fireproof Charge Sack 5x6.4x12.5cm


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Protect your family and home from the fire hazard associated with lithium polymer (LiPo) batteries – a LiPo charging bag is the safest way to charge & store your batteries.

A LiPo Guard charging bag is essentially a fireproof bag; it’s designed to contain and suppress any fire caused by incorrectly charging or poorly functioning LiPo packs*. The LiPo Guard is double-stitched and made from a tough fire-resistant material the same type used in firefighting equipment. It also features a sturdy velcro seal for a secure close – always ensure that the flap is sealed while charging.

We urge all of our customers to always practice appropriate caution when charging lithium polymer packs. Never leave your battery charging unattended & do not leave batteries in direct sunlight.


  • Small: Perfect for racing drone type LiPo batteries (1300-2200mAH packs 3/4S).
  • Medium: Regular charge sack for small to medium size LiPo batteries.
  • Medium (B): Rectangular charge sack for medium size LiPo batteries.
  • Medium (C): Square charge sack for medium size LiPo batteries - Features elastic straps to hold batteries still and a carrying handle.
  • Large: Regular charge sack for medium to large size LiPo batteries.
  • Large (B): Suited to 4-6S large LiPo battereis. Features elastic straps to hold batteries still and a carrying handle.
  • Extra Large: Suited to large, high capacity LiPo packs used by heavy lifting multirotors (can carry 2x 16000mAH packs) - Features elastic straps to hold batteries still and a carrying handle.

*The LiPo Guard is designed to mitigate the effects of a battery fire, however Flying Tech can’t guarantee its effectiveness and assume no liability in the event of damage or injury resulting from the use of this product.

Small LiPo Guard Fireproof Charge Sack 5x5x12cm
Small LiPo Guard Fireproof Charge Sack 5x6.4x12.5cm

Size: 5cm x 6.4 x 12.5cm (it will fit 1x 1300-2200mAH 3/4S)


  • 1x Small LiPo Guard Charge Bag
Charge your LiPo batteries Safely
Medium LiPo Guard Fireproof Charge Sack 18x23cm

Size: 23cm x 18cm (it will fit three 2200mah 3S1P packs comfortably)


  • 1x Medium LiPo Guard Charge Bag
Medium LiPo Guard Fireproof Charge Sack 18.5x7.5x6cm
Medium (B) LiPo Guard Fireproof Charge Sack 18.5x7.5x6cm

Size: 18.5cm x 7.5cm x 6cm (it will fit 1x 8000-1000mAH 4S/6S)


  • 1x Rectangular LiPo Guard Charge Bag
LiPo Battery Guard Bag 15.5x15.5x5cm 2x 3S 6000mAH Battery
Medium (C) LiPo Guard Fireproof Charge Bag with Carrying Handle 15.5x15.5x5cm

Size: 15.5cm x 15.5cm x5cm (it will fit two 6000mah 3S1P packs)


  • 1x Medium LiPo Guard Charge Bag
6S Lipo Charge Bag
Large LiPo Guard Fireproof Charge Sack 23x30cm

Size: 23cm x 30cm (it will fit two 8000mah 6S1P packs)


  • 1x Large LiPo Guard Charge Bag
Large (B) LiPo Guard Fireproof Charge Bag with Carrying Handle 21.5x16.5x4.5cm
Large (B) LiPo Guard Fireproof Charge Bag with Carrying Handle 21.5x16.5x4.5cm

Size: 21.5cm x 16.5cm x 4.5cm (it will fit two 10000mah 4S1P packs)


  • 1x Large LiPo Guard Charge Bag
LiPo Bag with Carrying Handle
Extra Large LiPo Guard Fireproof Charge Bag with Carrying Handle 24x18x6.5cm

Size: 24cm x 18cm x 6.5cm (it will fit two 16000mah 6S1P packs)


  • 1x Extra Large LiPo Guard Charge Bag


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LiPo Battery Charging Tips:

  • Always use a charger made to charge LiPo packs.
  • Double check that the settings for the lithium polymer charger are correct for the pack being charged. This includes the cell count, as well as the current settings. In general, most lithium polymer batteries should be charged to no more than 4.2 volts per cell or depleted to less than 3.0 volts per cell.
  • Ensure that charging leads are connected correctly. Reverse charging can lead to cell damage or a fire or explosion.
  • Always charge LiPo batteries on surfaces that won’t catch on fire such as cement, steel, ceramic or stone. Wooden tables and carpeted floors are not recommended charging surfaces.
  • Do not charge batteries near flammable products or liquids.
  • Never charge a LiPo battery while inside your model or other electronic device. If it catches fire it can lead to total destruction of the item it is being charged in.
  • LiPo batteries should be charged within a temperature range of 0C to 50C. Batteries charged outside this temperature range may experience leakage, heat generation or cell damage.
  • Never leave a charging lithium polymer battery pack unattended.
  • If unsure of the charge rating, never charge a lithium polymer battery pack at a rate over 1C (1 x the battery packs rated capacity).
  • Never charge a LiPo pack that has ballooned or swelled due to over / under charging or from a crash.
  • Never charge a lithium polymer battery pack that has been punctured or damaged in a crash.
  • Never, under any circumstances let the positive and negative battery leads touch each other. It can lead to cell ballooning, cell damage or fire or an explosion.
  • Have a fire extinguisher near the charging area or a large bucket of dry sand. Do not try to extinguish with water.
  • If you notice your LiPo battery pack is swelling, stop the charging process immediately, put the battery in a safe container and observe it for 15 minutes.
  • Always charge your Lipo battery packs in a Lipo charging safe bag.

LiPo Battery Handling & Storage Advice:

  • Keep LiPo battery packs out of reach of children.
  • Do not put battery packs in pockets or bags where they can short circuit.
  • Do not store or transport batteries where they can come into contact with sharp or metallic objects.
  • Do not store your LiPo pack in extreme temperatures below 0C or above 50C.
  • Always store your LiPo pack in a safe and non flammable container away from flammable objects. A LiPo Sack or metal / ceramic storage container is best.
  • The speed at which a LiPo battery ages during storage is based on both storage temperature and state of charge. For optimum battery life always store your LiPo’s partially charged at room temperature. This will maintain their performance levels over time and there’s no need to cycle them unless stored for periods longer than 3-6 months. .
  • Never store a RC LiPo in a hot car fully charged for an extended period of time, this will cause damage.
  • When storing batteries for extended periods, store at a half charged state.

Finally, always follow the manufacturer’s safety instructions and charging guidelines for lithium polymer battery packs. These are there for not only the longevity of the battery pack, but also your safety.

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