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Product Downloads

Here you will find all product downloads in one place. The downloads relate to firmware upgrades, instructions, tutorials and product images. All downloads are also linked on their respective product pages.

Product Collection Downloads
Seriously Pro Racing Dual-IR LED Drone Transponder BEC
Tarot MT1806 2280kv 3S Mini Quad Motor with 5045 Props
DYS BE2212-13 880KV Multirotor Brushless Motor
Mini LC Filtered FPV Power Distribution Board 5/12V BECs
HobbyWing Skywalker 12A ESC for 2S - 3S with 5V BEC
Matek HUBOSD ECO H PDB with OSD, Current Sensor & Dual BEC
DYS 30A ESC V2 for 2S - 4S with 5V BEC (SimonK Firmware)
Matek PDB-XPW PDB with 140A Current Sensor, Dual BEC, XT60
Tarot MT1806 2280kv 3S Mini Quad Motor with 5045 Props
Matek 5 in 1 LED & Power Hub V3 PDB with 5/12V BEC & Buzzer
DYS 10A ESC V2 for 2S - 4S with 5V BEC (SimonK Firmware)
Arducopter APM External Red / Blue LED Signal Light Module
Tarot Naze 32 (Acro) Cased Flight Controller - TL300D3
Tarot 5008 340KV 6S Multirotor Brushless Disc Motor - TL96020
FrSky XJT Radio Transmitter JR Module with Telemetry - LBT EU
Matek F405-OSD F4 Betaflight OSD Flight Controller
NEO-6M GPS (APM, MultiWii Copter)
Matek RGB LED Tail Light & Buzzer with FC / TX Control
Cased Acro Naze32 Mini Flight Controller Supports PWM/PPM
KDE Direct XF UAS Multirotor ESC, 55A+ 2S - 8S OPTO
Emax F3 Femto Micro FC with Integrated PDB / 5V BEC 20mm
DYS MR2205 2300KV Mini Quad Race Edition Brushless Motor
DYS BX1306 3100KV Brushless Motor CW/CCW Set
DYS F4 Pro Flight Controller with Integrated PDB & OSD
ZMR 250 PDB w/ 5V & 12V BEC LC Filter Buzzer (OSD/FC PCB)
DalRC Anodised Aluminium ESC Protective Covers 10A-30A 4Pcs
Tarot 4006 620KV 4S Multirotor Brushless Disc Motor - TL68P02
5V Piezo Buzzer Lost Model Alarm (PWM / FC Compatible)
DYS Power Pack for 250 Racing Quadcopter Motors/ESCs/Props
KDE Direct XF UAS Multirotor ESC, 20A+ 2S - 6S OPTO