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Quadcopters, drones, multi rotors, unmanned aerial systems - whatever you call them, we call it flying tech. Flying Tech is a multirotor specialist based in the UK. Multirotor tech is evolving at frightening pace, but don't worry, we can help. Whether you are just setting out in the hobby, or even if you are a quadcopter boffin, our experience in the industry makes us well placed to help. Throughout our website we have included helpful advice and tutorials on everything from vibration dampening to voltage regulators. If you are new to multirotors our Multirotor Beginner's Guide is a great place to start. Not only do we stock the best products at a great price, we also offer, 3D printing, laser cutting, vacuum forming and CNC machining services so that you can build the ultimate drone! We even build professional spec drones for a whole host of commercial applications.

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